what is a calcutta?

A Calcutta is a form of betting in an auction environment.

At the Tails but no Black Tie Grand Prix, Grandstand Ticket Holders will have the opportunity to bet on which horse/rider team they feel will win the jump off competition.

Here's how it will work:

 There will be 16 horse/rider teams competing for $10,000 in prize money.
 The fun begins with the Parade of Horses. As the horse and rider is presented, the auctioneer will hold a live auction, selling each team to the highest bidder in the Grandstand. Bidders can be individuals, tables (10 persons per table), or a group of friends.
 The teams will navigate a 15-jump course with speed and precision. The teams that jump a clean round will compete again in a 2nd round. The excitement and intensity increases with the 2nd round, as the winner must jump a clean round against the clock!
 The lucky bidder(s) who wager on the winning team get 10% of the overall pot (e.g., if the pot is $30,000 then 10% or $3,000 goes to the winning bidder or table). The remaining proceeds are donated to New Orleans City Park.
 Bids will start as low as $500.

All Ticket Purchases & Donations Are Tax Deductible